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This is the section where I make all the updates to the page. Check this page often if you want to know what has been added.

09/02/02: Added some latest news in the news page, make sure you go there and read what's going on!
08/29/02: Added another letter to Rolf.
08/17/02: Added a letter to Rolf.
07/31/02: Added a sound page. Download and listen to songs written by Rolf.
06/15/02 : Updated the projects page with news on what Rolf is doing now! Check it out!
11/22/01 :The first letter to Rolf is up!
11/19/01 : Added a new section called "To Rolf..." For fans to leave a message to Rolf and for Rolf to see it! So Email me with your questions or messages and I will upload it right away!
11/09/01 : Changed the message board. You can read the old posting but use the new Forum to post anything new!
10/31/01 :
Added a poll, please vote so I know what you guys would like to see on the site!
10/30/01 : Fixed up the Discography page.
10/29/01 : The site is official again, Rolf will send information soon. Sorry again for the inconvenience.
10/27/01 : Changed the layout to the site a little bit. Please send feedbacks, OK?
10/13/01 : We have a banner for the site now. Check it out and link to us through that one! You cand find it in the link section and the index page.
7/24/01 : Updates the News section and the projects section.

7/09/01 : Check the News Section
6/28/01 : Added 2 Rolf's pics.
6/25/01 : The site has a new layout. Hope you guys like it!
6/19/01 : Added 2 new Links to brand new pages.
6/16/01 : Made a marquee for Rolf's birthday!!!
6/14/01 : Uploaded more Rolf's Lyrics.
6/10/01 : Added a new link to the Ilonka Breitmeier Homepage (created by Jürgen Dehmel)
5/12/01 : Change the main page a bit.
5/01/01 : Updated the biography section.
5/01/01 : Added 4 pictures of Rolf's daughter, Verena in the Gallery.
3/29/01 : Added 6 pictures of Rolf in the Gallery, check them out.
3/26/01 : Added 2 new links, tour dates old and new and a site of Nena from Batman.
3/04/01 : Added a new section called Lyrics. There you can find all the song that Rolf wrote or co-wrote up to now. The section is not all done yet but keep checking it.
3/03/01 : Added a few songs list he co-wrote in the discography section.
3/03/01 : Changed the menu page to a scroll down list. Hope you like it.
3/01/01 : Added 25 pictures of Rolf in the gallery.
2/24/01 : The page is been created.

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